Injection Mold Tooling

Southwest Plastics has been designing and machining injection molding tools for over 25 years.  Our shop has the latest machining technology and equipment including CNC, EDM and high-speed milling.

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We use the latest software platforms to to custom design and model all of the engineering solutions we provide to our customers. From large-scale to small and intricate 3d models, we do it all.

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Custom Robotics

We incorporate all of the latest technologies into our custom robotics, automation engineering and industrial controls solutions.

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Who is SWP?

Southwest Plastics & Robotics has been operating in Glendale, AZ for nearly 40 years.  SWP is a full-service design, tooling, injection molding and robotics automation company with the ability to scale for small and very large jobs.  Our expertise in CAD/CAM/CAE design and prototyping enables us to serve customers in an unlimited number of industries.

We have the ability to scale up or down depending on the job and can adjust to the scope, time constraints and resource requirements for just about any project.

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